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winter static cures!

Uncategorized - November 28, 2013 - 2 Comments

So today im in wonderland and over the last few weeks iv had various emails and questions from clients about static hair. What is it? why is it? and most of all how do i get rid of it? I decided to do a bit of research and try to find out some answers.

First of all static electricity effects mainly dry hair. It occurs more in the winter as the air in winter tends to be cold and dry. This dehydrates the hair to the point of it becoming static and flyaway. There is various ways to treat it but the main goal is to keep your hair moisturised.

Simple things such as using a deep conditioner, leave in conditioner, moisture treatments all make a massive difference in winter (yet we all knew that right!)

Another conventional method is using a natural bristle brush – (I recommend the ghd oval dressing brush £20) Yes these can be more expensive but the difference is that a natural bristle will evenly distribute the natural oils throughout the hair. Anti static combs are also great. They do what they say they’re gunna do! (see for a full range)

A lot of people tend to treat static with hairspray, a little will do the trick. Too much can cause serious damage to the hair and you are in fact making the problem worse. Hairspray is full of alcohol, which is a drying agent and will dehydrate the hair even more making the problem worse. A quick mist of hairspray should be fine or alternatively I prefer to spray on to a brush or a comb and pull through the hair.

Also there is some great products on the market that will help to fix frizz and fly-aways. My personal favourite is Potion 9 by super cool styling brand Sebastian. Its essentially a leave in treatment containing 9 botanical extracts. Potion 9 has an element of hold to it. It Smooths, nourishes, protects, moisturises, adds shine, plumps the hair and holds it. You couldn’t ask for much more from a product.

An ionic dryer releases negative ions. They do this by breaking down the positive water droplets in to smaller particles. This dries the hair faster, which in turn reduces heat damage. It also helps to seal the hair strands and lock in moisture. If you want to reduce static or frizz an ionic dryer is best however if your hair is limp and you want more volume then a traditional hairdryer is best.


So those methods are all fairly conventional – now for some more unconventional as lets face it these are much more interesting!!

Dryer sheets. Some people wrap their combs and brushes in them, some people carry the sheets with them and simply wipe them over the hair when it needs calming!

A humidifier. It seems obvious really- placing a humidifier in the room adds moisture levels to the air, thus making hair less static. 

hand lotion. This has proved really popular. Its as simple as moisturising your hands and running them over your hair- the moisture simply calms the static and reduces the flyaways. 

spray an anti static spray in to your hoods and hats. I really like this idea. Pulling a hat off in winter tends to be the ultimate in static encouraging shenanigans. Just spray it before you wear it!

Rubber soled shoes. Just dont!



2 Comments on “winter static cures!

  1. Getting static hair was always a huge issue for me and still creeps up on me when I’m out. I try to quick fix it by washing my hands and leaving them a little damp before patting them on my hair! Haha, this doesn’t work for very long though…

  2. very good website congratulations my name hugo

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