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The tools…..

Our news - September 18, 2012 - 0 Comments


Today I’m backstage styling hair at the amanaka wilmont spring/summer 2013 show with ghd. The tools we use are so important in creating these looks. The past few seasons iv learned all the tricks of the session styling tool kit. I thought i would share with you Some of the things included in my pin box (as pictured -looking rather beautiful here) to help with making beautiful and wondrous hair. First of all pin tail combs, tail combs, wide tooth combs are all essential. Wide tooth combs are especially good at creating that raked through dirty root look (see David koma below) dressing brushes, backcombing brushes- obviously a must. Baby grips (same as regular but half the size)- great for hiding in hair. Regular grips in all colours, large structural grips -which actually look quite pretty but are generally the backbone of a hair up. French pins, structural pins, fine pins (great for securing a ponytail wrapped in hairs they are pretty much invisible) galvanised garden wire – great for inserting into braids to add structure. Chopsticks for rolling hair. Yes the list gets a little obscure now!!! Darning needle and thread in different colours. For sewing final pieces into place. Wave clamps for finger waving. Elastic bands. Elastic lengths in light and dark for tying ponys. Also a topsy turvy – remember that!.?! Well it’s a valuable piece of kit. A balloon – for creating soft halo of wispy hair. Latex gloves – for hairspraying pieces. Tint brush, A blusher brush -or if your lucky ( like me) a ghd polishing brush for getting all the little fine hairs away from the face or adding shine to a fringe. And finally, pin curl clips and large silver setting clips. Oh and a pair of crappy scissors for cutting elastic. Done.

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