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The ghd cruise……

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Today im in wonderland, glad to have my feet back on solid ground!

When ghd asked me to work with them on a Mediterranean cruise i must say i jumped at the opportunity. The cruise was a special launch of the brand new premium eclipse styler. The audience was 1000 italian hairdressers. Now for a chick that has never really been in a boat -this thing was incredible. It had 16 decks, a casino, a nightclub, minigolf,  2 pools, and a huge grand theatre. I have never seen anything like it. It was like a floating city. 

The show was held in the grand theatre, first up was the F.A.M.E team with thier interpretation of punk grunge. the hair was really edgy and the clothes had a real london feel to them. The italians love polished hair and so often are associated with beautiful shiny classic hair couture. It was really cool for the F.A.M.E team to bring something current and different to the stage.

Next up was the Italian team plus me! Our brief was 50’s hair. I wanted to show a current reflection of the trend which was a hit at London fashion week with designers such as Christopher Kane and Aminaka Wilmont. I worked on the show for Aminaka Wilmont and drew on that experience for my look. The look was all about a classic polished 50s updo with juxtaposing textures adding an edge and a current feel to the look. the focus was through really tight sides and a glossy yet fluffy texture throughout flowing waves. I loved presenting this as i think its something that the Italian hairdressers really connected with. I must say working with a translator does make things interesting, putting your trust in someone to convey your message has inspired me to learn Italian!

Last of all was Ken Picton. The man is a hair genius. I have never seen anyone work so effortlessly with hair. Its like a little tug here and a gentle shake and the hair evolves in to this incredibly huge, sexy, touchable movement. He is fascinating to watch and i learned so much from him during this trip. Even though his brief was futuristic (which I would always relate to slick almost ugly sci-fi hair) he made it beautiful and each of his four models looked stunning. They looked confident and Ken delivered with so much charm and humour it kept everyone laughing and most of all inspired with his knowledge and hanging on his every word.   

The day after we ran a seminar to really break down the looks and show how each step was done. The Italian hairdressers were not shy in coming taking pictures and having a good look at what we had created. It was just great to meet such a fantastic bunch of people that were just so into hair and learning everything they could . 

After 4 days on a boat i was feeling pretty queasy. I loved the experience, i met some incredible people and it was worth every moment of seasickness and nausea encountered!ImageImageImage

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