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The empowered female fencer..

Our news , Uncategorized - September 19, 2012 - 0 Comments


Today I’m inspired, I came across this picture of a historical fencer and have found myself enthralled with the sport. The art of evasive attack, the relationship and movement, the interactive dynamic. The physical and mental challenge. A tactile display which stems from one of the oldest forms of swordsmanship. I have great admiration for the empowered fencing female. I love the protective garments that are worn- in more modern times the strengthened natural fibres were overlapped and toughened to protect the wearer. More recently electric vests have been brought in- not only for protection but for scoring reasons aswell. The visors comes down to protect the face, making the masked face much harder to read where the next move is coming from. Beautiful and functional, many fashion designers have been inspired by fencing but it’s always good to find your own angle, il post my creations a little bit later xx

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