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Today I’m shooting with bit of a dreamteam. I haven’t shot anything in a while because as you will soon find out, I have been working in something rather exciting. (more on that soon) I’m really pleased to be back in the studio working with other creatives. The stylist – Laura Blyth has found some incredible garments including a vintage Ossie Clark dress and numerous furs and blazers. We spend all morning drooling over the rail. Obviously. Tara Nowy is the model today, I’ve previously blogged about Tara because she’s one of those incredibly cool effortless chicks that looks good in a bin bag but rocks up happy and energetic and works hard. After catching up we get on with prep but I was having one of those mornings where I’m torn with doing what I had planned for weeks or going with something I’ve literally just dreamed up and might work. I opt for the latter. I found some dark wefts in my bag and started cutting all the clips off- borrowing eyelash glue from our Mua – Judit. I glued them together and made a fringe piece. The rest of the hair was prepped with ghd root lift spray and scrunched up to create a messy updo clipping the fringe on afterwards. Really simple and easy. Judit kept make up muted and is really quite clever at shading and accentuating Tara’s angles and bone structure. This is a wee backstage shot — enjoy!
big love to the team Aleksandra Kocela (amazingly talented photographer) an her wicked assistant- Gordon. Judit solezt (incredibly trend focused Mua) Tara Nowy (model that needs no intro) Laura Blyth (awesome stylist lady) and hair by me….

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