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Our news - October 18, 2012 - 0 Comments

Today I’m back at work after what can only be described as utter madness. 4 days of shows, models, styling and stage work. This is part of my Job that I love dearly,despite the dramas.
We were showing our project on the ghd stage and also the fellowship stage in one hour slots, creating full looks working with a spectrum of contouring. The brief was to come up with a collection but we felt it was so final and needed to be something that each of us could show our particular strength and evolve over the weekend. As a team we each bring a quality to the table that makes us stronger as a whole unit. I love the art of hair and like to show new ways of creating with the fabric of hair. Leighanne loves the fashion side and works with growing an idea and telling the story of fashion through hair. Steve is a real prescision cutter but has found a passion for dressing hair as he has a thirst for knowledge and is totally fearless in doing something new. His dressings are built from the foundations and principles of cutting hair. Jonathan is a celebrity hairdresser in the making and loves glamorous commercial hair. As a team we have been together for three years and now a well oiled machine with a strong work ethic. Producing looks for London fashion weeks, vogue nights, trade shows and many other industry/fashion events. We love the buzz of it all. Being at salon international amongst some of the worlds greatest hairdressers and having the honour of presenting in front of them, and being taken Seriously as a contender in the fashion world of hairdressing. We’ve worked so hard to come this far, and this weekend I think we made ourselves proud. Photos to come …









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