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Price list





CUT & BLOW  Zoe/ Nicky £33.00  Aoife/ £38.00  Steph/ Liam/Sophie£43.00

BLOW DRY    Zoe/Nicky £23.00  Aoife/ £28.00  Steph/ Liam/Sophie £33.00 

DRESSING/UP   Zoe /Nicky£28.00     Aoife/Kirsty £33.00   Steph/  Sophie £38.00
Wedding packages are available upon request, prices given on consultation.

GENTS    Zoe/Nicky £27.00   Aoife/£31.00  Steph/Liam/Sophie £34.00

CHILDREN (UNDER 16) Zoe /Nicky £23.00 Aoife £25



ROOTS & REPLENISH  Zoe/Nicky £38.00 Aoife/ £41.00 Steph/Liam/Sophie/Kirsty £43.00

HALF HEAD HILITES    Zoe/Nicky  £38.00 Aoife/ £43.00 Steph/Liam/Sophie/Kirsty £44.00

FULL HEAD HILITES    Zoe/Nicky £51.00  Aoife/ £63.00 Steph/Liam/Sophie/Kirsty £74.00

COLOUR & HILITES     Zoe/Nicky £58.00  Aoife/ £66.00  Steph/Liam/Sophie/Kirsty £68.00

FASHION COLOUR–  Using a variety of techniques, including balayage and freehand. Prices are customised for the time taken and the work involved. Prices given on request before application.

SCALP BLEACHING– Only with consultation £50

Add OLAPLEX* to your colour – from £20 Per application

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*OLAPLEX is an additive to colour which helps to retain the composition of the hair and promotes strength and restores condition during the colour process. To  fully benefit from OLAPLEX please ask when booking so we can add extended time to your appointment.

OLAPLEX can also be used as an intensive stand alone treatment, restructuring the hair and repairing damaged bonds.

We need to test to see if you may be sensitive to our colour. A sensitivity test must be carried out at least 48 hours before we can colour your hair. 

We cannot apply colour to children under the age of 16. 

Customised colour and corrective colour prices on consultation.


Our appointments are highly subscribed to. We kindly ask that if you are unable to make it to your appointment you contact the salon ASAP, with a minimum of 24 hours notice otherwise 50% of the total bill is chargeable.


We confirm all appointments prior to arrival, please ensure all of your contact details are up to date with our reception team. 

Late arrivals

We will only take late arrivals no later than 15 minutes into the appointment time. This is  on our discretion with all our clients best interests in mind.   

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