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We want to share with you some of the best tools from around the world for creating beautiful hair


Y.s park
The hair-care brand from japan specialising in Beautifully crafted combs and brushes. Absaloutly the best in quality if you want the best tools for your bag. You can buy YS Park from

The Ghd styler
Undoubtedly one of the most used pieces of kit for dressing hair. Top quality components create shiny waves, matte curls, sleek straight,or kinky hair. We can show you during your appointment the easiest ways to get the most from your ghd stylers. You can also buy yours at Wonderland or alternatively visit

Polishing brush

A polishing brush can be anything from as blusher brush, a toothbrush, a tint brush or a purpose made brush for polishing ponytails, fringes, baby hairs and stray hairs. Use to apply hairspray or shine without getting sticky fingers.

Ghd brushes and combs
From dressing brushes to backcombing brushes. Widetooth combs and fine pin tails. Great quality brushes that will be kind to your hair,- without spending the earth.