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Aminaka wilmont spring summer 2013j

Our news - September 18, 2012 - 3 Comments


Today I’m backstage styling hair for aminaka wilmont with ghd. Its fair to say that theres a lot to do, the minute we walk in the door its full on. People everywhere and a lot of press (more than usual) we prep the hair pieces, which have been pre set and are placed high upon hair braided flat to the scalp. We add and chop fringes in, all in darkest brown.
It’s chaotic backstage to say the least.
It’s safe to say florals are back for spring. Head to toe in floral tatoo transfers (which are just about the coolest things I ever saw) -expertly applied by the mac team, companied with flawless skin and glowing pastel eyes. We gave the looks a real tough edge with a nod to the rockabilly housewife and imposing undercuts adding London cool into the mix. The look was strong but still feminine with garments cinching in just the right places and hair and make up tough but still beautiful. I love this soo much because when it was designed, it was pulled together by a team. A team who know where the line is, when tough just becomes ugly and strong becomes just masculine. It’s actually very clever. My favourite show to date, and the last of the season, can’t think of a better note to finish on! . Xx

3 Comments on “Aminaka wilmont spring summer 2013j

  1. Oh I love the idea with the tatoos! The hair looks also great!! So glossy and suits perfectly to the more natural make-up. I am sure it all was a lot of work BUT fun 😉 I remember when I was working at a fashion show 5 years ago. I was only 17 and it was all sooo busy and exciting 🙂 Thanx for sharing! xx

  2. It did look amazing on the catwalk, It’s crazy fun. I love fashion week but it’s a lot of pressure! So good to get home and rest up. Thanks for your post xx

  3. I bet that outfit with the tattoos looks amazing especially with that hair style walking down the catwalk.

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